Monday, December 12, 2016


Take the time to read FORBE'S Magazine's interview with Donald Trump's son-in-law Jared Kushner and gain insight into "The Trump Machine" that is overloaded with Jewish protagonists and Gentile Zionists. CLICK HERE TO READ:

#1 Sure, it may be just a happenstance, but interestingly Jared Kushner's skyscraper headquarters is located at 666 Fifth Ave in New York City!!! 

#2 Silicon Valley Billionaire Peter Thiel is the only significant Silicon Valley figure to publicly back Trump.
(Thiel is listed as a member of the Steering Committee of the Bilderberg Group, a private, annual gathering of intellectual figures, political leaders and business executives. He has participated in every conference between 2007 and 2016.) >>>

#3 Henry Kissinger (Zionist Jew) is advising Donald Trump on foreign policy issues. “Every president I’ve ever known has one or two people he intuitively and structurally trusts,” says former secretary of state Henry Kissinger, who has known Trump socially for decades and is currently advising the president-elect on foreign policy issues. “I think Jared might be that person.”

#4 Corey Lewandowski Notice the people that Lewandowski has been associated with. Lewandowski has since been fired. He was replaced by Kellyanne Conway.

#5 Hope Hicks
As an employee of PR firm Hiltzik Strategies, Hicks began working with Ivanka Trump on her fashion line in 2012, and then on other Trump ventures.In August 2014 she joined the Trump Organization full-time. Donald Trump earmarked her for the role of press secretary in January 2015 when planning for a potential presidential run. After Trump's first primary victories, Hicks was asked to make a choice between staying with the Trump Organization or fully pledging herself to the campaign. Her initial decision was to leave the campaign, but Trump convinced her to remain and she has stayed on as press secretary.
Hicks grew up in Greenwich, Connecticut, did teen modeling and attended Greenwich High School. At age 11, she and older sister were hired to model for Ralph Lauren. She graduated from Southern Methodist University in 2010, where she also played lacrosse. She worked for public relations firm Hiltzik Strategies. Her father Paul B. Hicks III was an executive vice-president of communications for the NFL. Her late grandfather, Paul Hicks, was President and General Manager of Public Relations for Texaco.
Hiltzik Strategies founded by Matthew Hiltzik, (Click Here: and here for mind-numbing connections)

#6 Steve Bannon (President Trump's Chief Strategist)
Kushner says. “All I know about Steve is my experience working with him. He’s an incredible Zionist and loves Israel. He was one of the leaders in the anti-divestiture campaign. And what I’ve seen from working together with him was somebody who did not fit the description that people are pushing on him." Wiki on Bannon >>> >>> Take note of the fact that Steve Bannon is often portrayed as an anti-semite for the sheeple to bleat over when in fact Bannon is a Zionist and Pro Israel. We the people are being played by the masters of deception. 

#7 Rupert Murdoch, "Crypto-Jew* owner of Fox News says of Jared Kushner, “I assume he’ll be in the White House throughout the entire presidency,” says News Corp. billionaire Rupert Murdoch. “For the next four or eight years he’ll be a strong voice, maybe even the strongest after the vice president.” 

* "Rupert's father Sir Keith Murdoch [see below] attained his prominent position in Australian society through a fortuitous marriage to the daughter of a wealthy Jewish family, née Elisabeth Joy Greene. Through his wife's connections, Keith Murdoch was subsequently promoted from reporter to chairman of the British-owned newspaper where he worked. There was enough money to buy himself a knighthood of the British realm, two newspapers in Adelaide, South Australia, and a radio station in a faraway mining town. For some reason, Murdoch has always tried to hide the fact that his pious mother brought him up as a Jew...

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