Saturday, November 12, 2016


Jewish Vlogger, Ezra Levant, lays out the facts of President-Elect Donald Trump's undying love for Jewish people and Israel. Listen to the first nine minutes of this video to get a clear picture of who surrounds Donald Trump; in his family, in his businesses, on his political campaign, on his staff, and in his circle of friends. Yep, probably 90% are Jewish. 

Ezra produced this video for his fellow Jews in hopes of setting the record straight that Donald Trump is not only NOT anti-semitic, but on the contrary, is the most Pro-Israeli Presidential candidate ever, (and likely Jewish himself in my opinion). There is certainly nothing wrong with loving your family. And there's nothing wrong with loving your friends. And, again, nothing wrong with surrounding yourself with people and staff that you trust. It just happens that in Donald Trump's case most of the people are Jewish! You may want to ask why. WATCH VIDEO BELOW >>>

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