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Robert Mercer (businessman)
Robert Leroy Mercer (born July 11, 1946) is an American computer scientist and co-CEO of Renaissance Technologies, a hedge fund. He is a major donor to conservative political causes. Mercer has donated to Super PACs affiliated with Freedom Partners, Club for Growth Action, and John R. Bolton. He is the principal benefactor of the Make America Number 1 Super PAC.

Rebekah Mercer (philanthropist)

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Rebekah Mercer is an American foundation director and Republican donor. She directs the Mercer Family Foundation and serves on the Executive Committee of the transition team of United States President-elect Donald Trump. Mercer is the daughter of billionaire hedge fund manager Robert Mercer. During the 2016 U.S. presidential primaries, Mercer led Keep the Promise I, a Super PAC which was the largest outside benefactor of Ted Cruz. Renamed Make America Number 1, it supported Donald Trump in the general election. She also worked with Stephen Bannon to create the film Clinton Cash. In September 2016, Politico described her "the most powerful woman in GOP politics."
Under her leadership, the family foundation increased its donations from $1.7 million in 2009 to $18.3 million in 2014, with $35 million going to conservative think tanks and policy groups in that time period.
She has worked as a Wall Street trader and as the owner of a gourmet cookie company.

Personal life

Rebekah Mercer studied at Stanford University where she meet Sylvain Mirochnikoff. The couple married in 2003. In 2010, it was reported that they had bought six adjoining apartment units in Donald Trump's 41-story Heritage at Trump Place.

A Little About Rebekah's husband >>> Rebekah followed her older sister to Stanford University, where she studied biology and math and, in 1999, earned a master’s degree in management science and engineering. There, she met her future husband, Sylvain Mirochnikoff, a native of France, who now works as a managing director at Morgan Stanley

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