Friday, November 18, 2016


DOW Chemical CEO, Andrew Liveris, is Donald Trump's pick to head the American Manufacturing Council. Trump picked Liveris so that he would bring jobs back to America. Liveris is a dual-citizen of Australia first, then America. READ ABOUT ANDREW LIVERIS HERE >>>

DOW Chemical is not a company that should be revered for greatness and goodness to this planet and its inhabitants. DOW and companies of their ilk are not job creators, but destroyers of the earth and the innocent people they exploit to work in their dangerous chemical plants around the world. WE MUST ASK WHY DONALD TRUMP IS APPOINTING SUCH GREEDY DESTROYERS TO BE HIS FELLOW LEADERS!


*From 1951 to 1975, Dow managed the Rocky Flats Plant near Denver, Colorado. Rocky Flats was a nuclear weapons production facility that produced plutonium triggers for hydrogen bombs

*The United States military dropped napalm bombs on North Vietnam during the Vietnam War. Dow was one of several manufacturers who began producing the napalm B compound under government contract from 1965 at its Torrance, California plant. 

*A major manufacturer of silicone breast implants, Dow Corning (a joint venture between Dow and Corning Inc.) was sued for personal damages caused by ruptured implants. 

*Union Carbide became a subsidiary of Dow in 2001. The Bhopal disaster of 1984 occurred at a pesticide plant owned by Union Carbide India Limited, a subsidiary of Union Carbide, 17 years before Dow’s acquisition. A gas cloud containing methyl isocyanate and other chemicals spread to the neighborhoods near the plant where more than half a million people were exposed. More than 27 years after the event, the actual number of fatalities is still unknown 


*Until the late 1970s, Dow produced DBCP (1,2-dibromo-3-chloropropane), a soil fumigant, and nematicide, sold under the product names Nemagon and Fumazone. Plantation workers who became sterile or were stricken with other maladies subsequently sued both Dow and Dole in Latin American courts, alleging that their ailments were caused by DBCP exposure.

*Areas along Michigan's Tittabawassee River, which runs within yards of Dow's main plant in Midland, were found to contain elevated levels of the cancer-causing chemical dioxin in November 2006. 

*In February 2013 a federal court rejected two tax shelter transactions entered into by Dow that created approximately $1 billion in tax deductions between 1993-2003. In the stated opinion, the Court termed the transactions "schemes that were designed to exploit perceived weaknesses in the tax code and not designed for legitimate business reasons." The schemes were created by Goldman Sachs and the law firm of King & Spalding, and involved creating a partnership that Dow operated out of its European headquarters in Switzerland. 
*In 2003, Dow agreed to pay $2 million, the largest penalty ever in a pesticide case, to the state of New York for making illegal safety claims related to its pesticides.

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