Sunday, December 11, 2016


Chris Wallace interviews President-Elect Donald Trump on Trump Force 1. Wallace pretends to be a tough interviewer, but really he fails to ask Trump any truly pertinent questions concerning his ties to Jewish Bankers, including the Rothschilds (per Wilbur Ross), and his Jewish Goldman Sachs Banker appointees (Steve Mnuchin, Gary Cohn, and Stephen Schwarman). 

Wallace fails to ask about Trump's foreign policy that plans to "fight for Israel" and move the capital of Israel from Tel Aviv to the Eternal City of Jerusalem. 

Nor does Wallace ask about the fact that almost all his appointees are Billionaires and Millionaires. 

And of course he didn't ask Trump to comment about his faux last- day-before-the-election ad where Trump pretends to take on the Banksters including the Federal Reserve, then turns around and appoints the same Banksters he criticized Hillary Clinton for being in bed with. 

And finally Wallace did not ask Trump why his appointees are so disproportionately Jewish.

This interview all sounds so good, and that is what you need to realize, that the Main Stream Media (MSM) works for the Jewish Bankers who have a stranglehold on American politics and the U.S. Military. Chris Wallace himself is a Jew who is a control agent at Foxnews. Please realize the MSM never talks about Trump's Mafia connections, bankster connections, Israel connections (long-time family friend of Netanyahu), nor the fact that his entire family are practicing Jews. Obama's past was scrutinized as it should have been, but there has not been a word in the MSM about Trump's father or grandfather being involved in criminal activity (gambling and prostitution) to make their fortunes. Here's the interview, it is a very good piece of MSM propaganda: 

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